Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

not really important

Halllo pals, what a pretty and tiring saturday! i just want to post about what i've done since morning until what i'm doing right now haha i have nothing to do now but i want to post sumthing on my blog but but but i still don't have any interesting idea to be posted. okay, this morning at 10 am i took my math course in BP, yeah usual, everything went well. at least i could understand a lil bit about Statistika that i couldn't understand at all before. then after i finished BP, as what i've planned, i went to Botani Square. i went to botani by public transportation and ALONE. haha actually that was not the first time i went to botani alone, instead i've watched movie in XXI alone. what a brave girl i am! haha back to main topic, ya i went there because i've to buy sumthing called 'birthday present' for my brother's sweet seventeen hahaha. ya tomorrow 17/10/10 is my brother's birthday!! he will turn 17 tomorrow haha unbelievable, feels like just yesterday i took a bath together with him in one bathtub, haha its too long it was when we were toddlers -_- finally i found a suit gift and exactly what i'm looking for. what it is? it is still secret haha and to be revealed tomorrow! i do mind to post what gift my brother get from me after i give to him tomorrow haha i will post to my blog :) and after that, i went to my home directly and quickly because i felt sumthing wrong all over my body and i was extreamly dizzy at that noon, on my way to home, a.k.a in angkot, i almost fell asleep! i dont know i was really really tired and it was also accompanied by strong hot weather. uh. and after arrived home, i found there was my aunt in my home! she wants to stay in my home for one night, really good idea hehe then i got my lunch because of starving to the maxxx. and not long after, i went to my bedroom in 2nd floor, lying down on my comfort bed, and then heading to the dreamland.... i slept for almost 4 hours! i missed pray Dzuhur and pray Ashar. forgive me God :( it was magrib when i woke up. and after that i went to my computer's table and posted my whole story on my blog! (ya right now) haha okay enough of all, too lazy too type haha bye--

by the way, i want those dresses so fuckin' much :(

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