Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

im crying for this tragedy

I really don't know what and where to begin. it was 27/10/2010 and it was the worst and the saddest day i've ever taken! first of all, there was a guy out there who promised me to watch movie together, he planned we will go to theatre on saturday, okay i feel so surprised at that time, so no need a long time i surely say yes! but, 3 days after, i saw his tweet which is like he wanted to meet his friends on the same day with he wanted to bring me watching. my feeling was sdfghjkl, what the hell is he thinking about? didn't he remember about our plan? and my emotion was uncontrol, so i just tweeted everything that could make him realized about our plan, yea i admitted that at that night i tweeted a rant word, and unfortunately he read 'em. so he became so angry with me and he texted me, which's say my thought just like a baby! i was crying crying a looooot, there was nobody in my house so i could do everything what i wanted to do, screamed, cried, threw some of my stuffs, like an insane people. i couldn't control how to express my feelings, i was sad, angry, regret! like i really need a time maching so i could repeat time and make up all things better. i felt like a stupid idiot little girl. and then i prayed to God, asked God why this tragedy could happened to me. After that, i replied his message, i said SORRY SORRY SORRY. but you know what he didn't reply back even once. ok i got his message again eventually but it's after my 6th message, all the contents of the message is SORRY SORRY REALLY SORRY, he just replied "yauda slow" fu!!! but at least i knew the answer even by a short sentence like that. i couldnt enjoy my sleep well, still thinking about him. and when i came to my class the next morning, they were shouting, "hey what happened to those eyes? seems so poor!" and i answered "haha nothing happened, i have done my homeworks until midnight!" hahahahahaha i want to laugh. ALWAYS SUCCESS FOR HIDING MY PAIN BEHIND A SWEET SMILE :)

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