Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

fuckin niteeeeeeee

Last nite, i got a simple message from B, he just texted me with a word "Langen", like usual when he wanted start the conversation first. i thought like "why the hell do you text me again? i'm almost success forget you sh*thead" but i couldn't deny that deep inside my heart there was kind of 'happy' feeling, boosted my mood. and i smiled. but i didn't reply his message directly, i was about enjoying watching timeline on twitter at that moment hehe so i decided to wait for a minute to reply his text. nanggung gituloh haha, but suddenly, my heart was like dropped by a heavy stone when i saw his tweet, "i miss my @....... (his fucking new girlfriend)" OH MAAAAN! couldn't i feel a little bit pleased at that nite? i was tired from study hard, and the only my mood booster was that simple text from B! but i didnt relpy his message because of that, enough heartache, too hurt to be axplained now. i frustated, really. but however, i have to learn to let it go, i have to face the fact that HE ALREADY HAS A GIRLFRIEND. he will start a new life, a new love with her. not me. at the least, me, who always be a looser. may God bless you guys, everlasting!! :'(

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