Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

some things to share.

hallo all howaryaaaa? did i miss something when offline? hahahaha okay i just want to post about my random's mind that surely running out in my head for these days.

lets flashback, i met my ex boyfriend at botani days ago, he is moreeeee handsome haha but it was like he didnt see me or perhaps he saw me but he didnt want to take a look at my face. i dont know whatev i dont hv any special feeling anymore.

and second, i just remember bout another one, why couldnt we be friend anymore? you probably feel ashame bout what you ve done to me but i just let you know im not mad at you. not!

and third, yeah im bored of being all alone. many people said when single we can make some relations without status with many boys. it just for a perfect girl, not an ugly one like meeeeeee, im perfectly imperfect. yeah i am.

and fourth, i feel a little disappointed..... um maybe more about my midtest result! imagine out, ive never got 68 for my bahasa test in my life, and it happened in this term. sucks. and about my social test? oh its not to be asked anymore, 74 for my score. think it, my social test (that at that time i didnt study hard) is better than my bahasa score! unbelievable but yaaa thats the fact. but i can be a little bit proud of my science score, its 88 :) its very cool, ive never expected before hahaha. ok, lets we talk bout my math, hey math! howarya?? -____- actually its not bad, 82 for my test. but it still cant help me to reach the KKM (wht in english? -_-) yeeaaaaah it makes me feel saaaaaaaad and it means i must study hard for the remedial later, freakin' lazy :( ya just that i know, for others are still waiting, it will be revealed.

fifth, its a happy news!! hahahaahahahaha i have many new friends in my eden class, finally i can join with them all, they re all amazing! who are going to be.......... lets we talk one by one, ka muti, she is the cutest and the friendliest of all, she is a little chinese (maybe) haha she is the first person who greets me and talks to me. second one, ka alpian, he is chinese haha and handsome haha he is cool, ah im sudden speechless when i think bout him (......) third one, ka anelis! she is the most beautiful i think hehe i love to see her face, i envy her. the fourth and fifth one are goin to be ka dira and ka hanna! oh goshhhhh they can speak english well and fluently, the accent, like a western one. i love it! hope someday my english will be like them! they looks like close each other, and lately i know they do study in the same school, Regina Pacis. its not too far from my school. and one more thing, the most suprising me so much, they are all highschool student! ok fix im the only white-blue student -____-

ok enough for this all, i dont know what to be posted anymoreeeeeeeeeee. thanks for reading~

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