Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Mr. B

its almost been 2 years honey, you rocks my life!! lately, i often have chats with him. he always text me by sms, almost everyday. he asks me what am i doing now, or something unimportant, but.. i just enjoy it. but now, i just realized that there is someone else he is waiting for, i dont know who, but i know exactly there is 2 person! who the hell are they? i just feel a little jealous. am i including of that 2 person? if not, count me in babe! one more thing, im just wondering why does he give me such an empty hope? im entirely sure he knows that i still love him, so whats your purpose? you want to make me feel so high and then knock me down to the ground? HEARTACHE. successfully. i dont know how to express my feeling anymore, but i can't stay mad at him for anything. i dont plan to hate him, im still hoping that one day you'll be with me, and we become a perfect couple.

"goodbye, my almost lover
goodbye, my hopeless dream
im trying not to think about you
why can't you just let me be?

goodbye, my luckless romance
my back is turned on you
shouldn've known you'd bring me heartache
almost lover always do"

fine frenzy - almost lover

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