Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

wish you a happy birthday

Hello pals today is 17/10/10 like i said yesterday , today is my brother's sweet 17th hahaha.
i have a few wish list for my brother:
  • have a great one!!
  • don't smoke all the time -_-
  • have a long lasting relationship with your new GF haha
  • don't act like a little kid anymore. its so embrassing me wk
  • ya pokonya wish you all the best, God bless youuuuuu! <33

oh ya, and this is a birthday present from me to my brother. what does it shape look like? haha its like a case for ciggarettes, actually i totally hate about his new bad habbit. but a ban like that doesn't valid for a SEVEENTEEN boy like him anymore. yes he's already right now. haha here are the picture

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